Custom PC Builds

Your Computer Partner

At Ryde Coputers, we will build your PC to the specifications you want without any compromises

Base Price from only $180!

With windows installed just add + $45

Can build and recommend parts specifically for: Gaming, Creatives, Business, Personal. Give us a call to discuss with us!

Although the base price covers most builds, for ultra high end configurations, advanced builds such as with custom loop water cooling Contact us for more information as this takes more time and may possibly come at an additional price.

Call us today on 02 9807 9954 or 04 33 660 471 !

Here are some examples of PCs that we have built recently:

Basic Gaming PC Build ($1500 range)

Basic Gaming PC Build ($2000 range)
Ultra High end with custom watercooling ($5,000 – $10,000 range)

High end Hackintosh build

Small form factor build – Fractal Node 202 With full sized graphics card
SFF build with aftermarket heatsink for improved CPU cooling
SFF build with stock heatsink

Custom built emulation station

Home / Office Servers, firewall, security systems & NAS builds